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“Are You Bad Enough?”

Bad Boyz Burgers is the ultimate cool casual dining restaurant located in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Join us at our new location at 363 West Main Street in Downtown Somerset, as well as our original location, Bad Boyz Bistro, at 120 South Juliana Street in Bedford. Our menu features a selection of uniquely satisfying and delicious meals. Stop by and dive right into some of the best burgers and entrees in central Pennsylvania.

The Original “Bad Boy”

Originally, there was so much press about the name, “Bad Boyz.” However, quite honestly the press hoopla was much more exciting than the real story. The original Bad Boyz Bistro was the late night idea of Bryan Speck, owner and founder of Bad Boyz Bistro and Bad Boyz Burgers. After many successful years in the franchise world, he felt his hometown of Bedford needed a place to go to enjoy great food and amazing times with friends and family. Now, Bad Boyz Burgers of Somerset offers cool, casual dining in Somerset, too!

Because of his rambunctious childhood and teenage years, Bryan had always been known as a “Bad Boy.” Hence, the name of his bistro - Bad Boyz. In his typical fashion, Bryan wanted to have some fun with the theme of the restaurant. He included all the bad boyz in movies, politics, and sports. Hey! There's even a menu item named after the original bad boy himself!

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We are saddened to announce that Bad Boyz Burgers Somerset is Closing for business. We gave this a 2nd effort because we thought that with a few changes, this business could be successful in Somerset; unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We are grateful for the loyal and dedicated customers who regularly visited us. Our Team enjoyed serving you. We hope we made you has happy as you made us. We will miss you. Quite simply, there just weren’t enough customers coming through our doors. Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

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So sorry, your wings were great! As long as This town keeps focusing on travelers and not building local industry, very few of the local people will ever be able to support the local businesses. It's sad. If we could get industry here, many more families would be able to support good food, theater, local stores and each other. How many more local businesses need to go out of business before the powers that be in change of Somerset change their darn minds. Yes tourism is good, but so are great local industries, we need both. Or this town will keep getting worse.

Good afternoon this is Guido and I visit this place with my sweetie back in December 2018 and I wish Bill Higgins has a lot of luck I gave him a lot of good ideas but obviously the headquarters would have the last decision so would be Bad Boy Burgers in Bedford wouldn't allow mr. Bill Higgins to run the business from the expertise opinions and tips to a successful food / bar business in no way do I blame mr. Bill Higgins for the closing of the Bad Boy Burgers in Somerset there was a few things that I didn't like and I don't know whose decision that was one being never allow a food establishment or bar have dog-friendly patio that really is a No-No being from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and have been plenty of outdoor venue seating this was a real big mistake and I saw the writing on the wall but nobody will listen I personally believe the business would have ran a lot better and smoother if it was on the greasy side of munchies as they would say in the bar business trying to be a four and a half to a five-star dinner every night is not going to cut it me and myself I just did a picture of beer nice Philadelphia style sandwich regards if it was roast pork with provolone Italian Roast Beef Philadelphia cheese steak or the famous sweet or hot Italian sausage but that was your decision so very disappointed in the closing of Bad Boy Burgers in Somerset Pennsylvania good luck to mr. Bill Higgins who at least tried but next time he should have more control over things I'm just saying have a nice day

We enjoyed the food and the staff was great. We will try to stop by Bedford if we are up that way. Best wishes.

The old cliché that you can’t please everybody certainly proves true here. The bottom line is that you gave it your best effort. A lot of thought was put into each and every marketing idea that was used to promote the business. Unfortunately those ideas just didn’t appeal to the clientele in Somerset. It’s all about location, location , location!!!

I'm sorry to say but I saw this coming Somerset County doesn't want high end food and mixed drinks I told mr. Higgins he should have kept it more simpler and more of quote-unquote a greasy are side of the joint such as bucket of fries specialty sandwiches that go with beer it is so sad I wish I would have had a chance to actually take it over and show them how it's done I think we would have came out more successful good luck

So sad to see you go. We really enjoyed the food there. More importantly, I’d like to thank the owner, manager, and all employees for hiring and working with my son. With him being autistic, sadly not many people are willing to work with him and give him a chance, but all of you did. And for that I thank you. I know he will really miss working there 😥

I agree with Judy Durst, sad to see such a great place close. Maybe relocating might help. Salisbury, Meyersdale, or Grantsville would be fantastic.The food was fantastic, and the service couldn't have been better. The people are so friendly, and it was a great place to eat and enjoy the company of all of you. Sad to see you go..

I’m sorry you will be closing again. It was so nice to have a nice place to go to on that end of town. Somerset is not interested in new businesses. I will be going out of town to eat and have a few drinks. Donegal and Ligonier isn’t that far away. Bill Higgins hope you the best. I’m glad we had Bad Boyz as long as we did. 😢

I’m sorry to hear this. We loved this place and the Trivia was fun.

I read gift cards will be honored at Bedford. Thanks

Really loved your food. So sorry Somerset Residents did not support you. You should be proud of what you did. Good luck on your future endeavors. Many will miss you.

No! I absolutely loved this place ! Thank you guys for such great burgers and wings.

This just ultimately sucks! Personally I think it could of been location but man we loved you guys the first time around and second time around ppl in Somerset who never tried you have no idea what they missed, Somerset is only full of mediocre restaurants that are so overpriced for only half decent food at best, only a handful left worth spending money at. Our family will definitely miss the food, my kiddos especially! I'm glad they got to enjoy their 5th and 6th bday there this year! Thanks again for the great food and service! I'm sorry Somerset let you down😕 🍔The Hoover Family

Very sad News, I was looking forward to go back. Blessings from Colombia 🇨🇴

Sad to hear this. We really loved their food!! Service was great also. It’s that side of Somerset!! I think everyone forgets about it!

Will gift cards be honored at Bedford?

Really sad that Bad Boys will be closing. Staff and food was fantastic every time. This place was the only place local that you could enjoy with your dog on the patio and quite frankly brought me and my family to the establishment more frequently. Thanks for giving Somerset a 2nd shot. ❤️

The old cliché that you can’t please everyone certainly proves true here. Comments ranging from it was too nice and a greasy spoon would be better; too bright, not cozy, pets shouldn’t be allowed, happy bringing pets,

I came to take the burger challenge and was turned away because they said it was dinner time and too busy. There was literally maybe 8-10 people there. They said to come back later to do it. So I'm confused, you turn bussiness away and say you didn't have enough customers. Hmmmmm

When is the last day or are you closed now?

If we were closer, we would have been regular customers. 50 miles was just to far for us. When one door closes, another will open.

The negative comments are real classy. The business closed. Isn't that enough for them to bear?

Sorry to see you go I think it was more your location than anything

So sorry! I loved your burgers!

Food and service was great, sad to see them go.

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Hell Raiser Challenge Wins Again!!
Coall Corley gave it his best!! Thanks For trying!!!
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Hell Raiser Challenge Wins Again!! 
Coall Corley gave it his best!! Thanks For trying!!!

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Why does the female guest always look less than amused???? Lol.

Omfg It burns so goood lmao I tried tho took one bite tried a second spit it out and tapped whopped my butt I will admit great job Bad Boyz Burgers of Somerset

We have a Hell Raiser Wing Challenge Going down!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Did he finish?

Mike Cary you should do it !

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