Bad Boyz Burgers


Casual Restaurant Near Quecreek Miner’s Memorial

Eat at Bad Boyz Burgers in Somerset, PA

Bad Boyz Burgers is a unique locally-owned cafe located in downtown Somerset, PA at 363 West Main Street. We are a casual, family-friendly modern eatery with a straightforward approach. Our themed atmosphere is fun and comfortable. When you are visiting the Quecreek Mine Rescue Memorial you are less than 15 minutes away from the Home of the Hottest Hot Wings, as featured on Food Network’s Outrageous Food. We invite you to enjoy our unique menu featuring 100% Angus beef with house-made bacon jam, fresh fried zucchini planks, beer-battered mozzarella, and a variety of hearty soups, salads, sandwiches, and more.

Driving Directions from Quecreek Miner’s Memorial to Bad Boyz Burgers

From Haupt Road at the Quecreek Mine Rescue Memorial, head northeast on Haupt Road/SR 4015 toward PA 985. At the first cross street, turn right onto PA 985 and travel 0.9 miles. Continue on to PA 601 S (pass Wendy’s on the left) and drive for 4.2 miles. Turn right onto W Main Street and travel 0.3 miles. Turn left. Bad Boyz Burgers will be on your left at S Parsons Ave and W Main Street.

History of the Quecreek Mine Rescue

The people of Somerset, PA, and the surrounding areas are no strangers to mine disasters. What makes the Quecreek Mine incident unique is that, miraculously, all of the miners survived. Yet, what these hardworking men were forced to endure is almost unthinkable. While the community was still reeling from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2011, just a few short miles from where Flight 93 crashed, 18 miners employed by the Black Wolf Coal Company would face a nightmare of epic proportions. On July 24, 2002, nine miners employed by the Black Wolf Coal Mining Company were trapped over 24 stories beneath the surface of the Earth where two crews of nine men were working that evening.

Disaster Strikes

Provided with what would later be determined was an inaccurate map, the miners working in the Saxman No. 1 Mine accidentally broke through the wall into the previously flooded Harrison No. 2 Mine, over 240 feet below ground. As 72 million gallons of frigid floodwaters quickly rushed into and surrounded the narrow passageways of the mine, blocking all exits, nine miners quickly alerted the other crew of nine men (who were able to flee) and fled to higher ground in an underground recess that was inaccessible to rescuers as the waters continued to surround them.

A Rescue Never Before Attempted

Although a rescue attempt of its kind had never before been attempted, the community scrambled and begin an immediate effort to rescue the trapped men. The goal was nine for nine. No man was to be left behind.

Nine for Nine – A Miracle in the Mine

As family members and loved ones (and anxious watchers from across the country and around the world) watched, prayed, and held hope for the best, a GPS-guided tracking device located the miners and a narrow 6” airshaft was drilled all the way down to the trapped miners. Over 15,000 gallons per minute of water were pumped from the mine while pressurized air was pumped in to help keep the water at bay. Then, a larger shaft was drilled capable of sending down the rescue capsule that would be used to extract the men. One by one, each of the nine miners was rescued from the watery nightmare scenario, weakened and with minor injuries, but alive, after enduring 77 hours in the cold darkness. It was an epic rescue completed nine times over to save the lives of all nine men. We are thankful for our local miracle of “Nine for Nine.”

When visiting the Quecreek Miner’s Memorial, we invite you to take a break with us. Bad Boyz Burgers is the region’s top destination for great food and amazing times.